The Scrapbookers..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some stories from the swap gathering held by mba Ria Nirwana..
Mba Ria prepared 3 give away for all the scrapbookers who gives comment on her blog,

1st give away: Journey of Life (the kit)... huu huu keren banget yang ini, yang dapet mba Riana
2nd give away: 2 boxes of pretty ribbons
3rd give away: 6 set of paintings

and guess who got the 3rd give away?
Salah satunya adalah Gueee... huaaaaa... sooo happy
jarang jarang gue lucky dengan yang namanya door prize :))
Thanks Lucy for the lovely pic !

Can you see our happy face (gw di ujung kanan, too excited nerima paintingnya mba Ri)..

Ini foto rame rame para scrapbookers yang hadir setelah diuplek uplek sama mba Riana pake Photoshop (atau apala namanya, maap gw rada gaptek kalo soal software2 buat re-touch foto gitu).
Keren yaaa, keliatan vintage bener fotonya.
Tenkyuu mba Riana buat foto vintage nyaa...

Foto dari mba Ria Nirwana
Our Suhu, Our inspiration dan juga pemersatu para scrapbookers hihi
Thanks so much for the lovely party/gathering, it was great to see all of you dengan swapnya yang super duper keren..

Thank you and thank you mba Ria, Lea and mba titin sebagai ibu2 panitia, buat kumpul kumpulnya, makan2nya, ketawa2nya dan sharing2 technique nya juga.

With your best friend, you wish you'll never have to grow up...

So trueee :))


my first course with mba Ria Nirwana.
A teacher, a friend, a great inspiration for all of us..
all these pictures were taken from mba ria FB (some of them are from her website)
I don't have such a cute pic (with a great colour) like this, so i asked her permission to use them here..

Look at our happy and smiley face.
lots of new technique, lots of new stuff i've learned in this great class..

...and most of all, meeting new friends, old friends
Such a great class!

C u all in our next class..

**ups..btw, I haven't finished the "Believe" album, so i'll upload them later.. probably somewhere next month :))

Swap Gathering by Ria Nirwana

Friday, June 25, 2010

*Wheww* at last..
I've never been a creative person, ever!
but accidentally i registered to join the swap gathering held by Ria Nirwana.
All I did was shop, shop and shop and yet i still didn't know what to make.

Well, here is the result: handmade hanger.
Not a cute one but i really did my best to make this :((
Really really hope the senior scrapbookers who made beautiful swap are happy to get this.

Since I couldn't choose what I like (coz i fancy sooo many cute stuff)
so i put everything i have and like (and i mean it: everythingg) and made this hanger.

I've always Loved butterflies, I love ribbon, I love more ribbon and i also have this dress punches i love so much. So i put them all together and made this:

I love brown, pink, salem so much... as you can see from the pic.
As for the big purple and burgundy flower...I couldn't find another colour :((

Hope you like them Ladies...

C u soon!! and shopping..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm sooooo excited with the coming scrapbooking class this Saturday, 19th of June 2010. I've been checking out the scrapbooking store anywhere just to get to know the tools and the cute button or the pretty embellishment (and yet, i still dont know what that tools are for and how to use them)... :))
but i don't careee..

I love shopping :d

Here is some of my tools i've bought..

As you can see, i've bought acrylic paint, craft cutter, scissors, ribbons (actually the ribbons are not on the list to buy, but i couldn't help it)

...same tools, taken from different angle :d

As for the pictures... Yayyyy!! here are the pics.
I don't have lots of pics, we do have pre wed pics tho :))

so i guess it's enuf for my first class..

Some more pics taken with my bb :))

So, everything is here..
Now i can just sit and relax..
...and wait for the class


New home..

Friday, June 4, 2010

This is my fifth blog so far..
The other one is totally new (just like this one).

I have difficulty in mixing my passion for baking, photography-ing, beading and my latest (coming soon) new hobby: scrapbooking.
So i've made one blog for each hobby (except the beading one, i'm to lazy to make them, it takes hours to make one jewelery and i'm not a person who can sit hours and hours doing one thing only).

I'm the kind of person who got bored easily with one hobby and move to another hobby.
to be honest, i'm not good in scrapbooking coz i know i'm not into detail and i have zero creativity. But i'm excited to learn this new hobby (scrapbooking) and also the painting course which will be held by Ria Nirwana somewhere after Ied (can't wait..can't wait..).

Well, that's it for now.
See you around with some new kewl pics for my new hobby :d